The Process

Hey Y’all ! This is a little bit about how the magic happens. Most of the time, my creations come for my mood that day, but usualIy my favorite theme involves trees.  I love a solitary, wily, tree. Trees symbolize strength and change. A tree springs from the often unexpected nature surrounding us.  It can persevere, it can crack boulders, provide shelter, can serve as a means to climb and see new perspectives. It has a grand beauty, in and of itself, and is equally majestic submerged among a forest, like people. Other days, I try to capture what I see here in Appalachia.  More often than not, the vision is somewhat organic. I dig through scrap pieces of metal and try to reinvision an element that literally just fell on the studio floor. This is a pile of todays' cuttings. Remnants of completed creations. Can you see a mountain in there, a coastline or path?


If a piece catches my eye, then I may anneal It (that means heating it up to soften the metal) with a blowtorch and then play around with various tools to discover what shape it wants to be.



 Most of the time, it will tell you what it wants to be… This wants to be a hillside.

Dry & cut out desired shape.  

Add remaining elements to reach desired look

Solder with blow torch 


It will then go into the tumbler to clean and harden the piece because the pendant will be very soft from all the soldering. I could literally bend it with my fingers at this point. Then it's polishing and/or patina time. And TADA!! The piece is all finished.