The Artist

The Gypsy Forge is, at its core, an Eastern Kentucky Artist gone rogue. Jill Robertson primarily creates artistic pieces inspired by meandering brambles, thoughtful and timeless mountain creggs, riverbanks that welcome the alien world of crayfish and adventurous roots; Appalachian scenery reflective of Eastern Kentucky. After a truly well-traveled childhood, she came to live in Chavies, Kentucky at age 12. Through her amazing network of family and friends, she grew her roots in Eastern Kentucky as a community organizer for non-profits where her dedication to community spirit flourished. She was awarded the 2018 Kentucky Foundation for Women Activism Grant that afforded her the opportunity to become a full-time artist. Part of an award-winning team for the Welding Rodeo, she has never been afraid of playing with fire or picking up hitchhikers, though not necessarily at the same time.